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Nerd Nite: Exposing Sperm, Polymorphism, and Virtual Reality

NERDS ASSEMBLE!!! October’s lineup includes: When Good Sperm Go Bad by Lori Hurley, Colour Polymorphism by Peri Bolton, and Fear and Loading: Real and Virtual Exposure Therapy by Peter Baldwin and Pieter Rossouw! Come nerd out with us!

We’re stoked to be drinking at thinking at the fantastic Friend In Hand Pub in Glebe now on the third Tuesday of each month.

WHEN: Tuesday 18th October. Doors open from 6:30pm. The fun starts at 7pm.

WHERE: Friend In Hand Pub 58 Cowper Street, Glebe. They do a great $15 parmy special. Seating will be in rows so it’s probably easiest to get some grub downstairs before the show starts.

TICKETS: General entry is $12, buy tickets here, limited tiks on the door.


when good sperm go bad | lori hurley | reproductive ecophysiologist

Hurley headshot 

Turns out functional sperm is a good thing, especially when you need multiple sperm to ensure normal development like birds do, but many things can make good sperm go bad…

A PhD candidate, Lori’s research explores the impact of environmental and social cues on Australian estrildid finch reproduction. A research junkie, she’s done genetic work in humans, tested novel anti depressants/neuroprotectants in rats, and conducted various research on behaviour, neuroendocrinology, and reproduction in a variety of bird species. All around bird nerd.


fear and loading: real and virtual exposure therapy | pieter rossouw & peter baldwin | clinical neuropsychotherapy/ clinical psychology

PB_Profile_PORTRAIT       Peter on at a podium

Pieter_low  Pieter watching as VR spiders crawl over clients (assumably…)

Pieter and Peter want you to know that exposure therapists are not sadistic pricks (the jury’s still out on that one).  Together they’ll take you into the VR world of spider phobias.

Peter’s PhD is in the psychological and physiological vulnerabilities in individuals with hoarding disorder, in particular how the brains of individuals who hoard react to making errors. Peter also researches how uncertainty about possessions creates distress for hoarding individuals. More broadly, Peter is interested in how clinical psychology can better use technology help individuals manage and recover from psychological illness.

Pieter is the Clinic Manager and VRET therapist. Pieter holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from UNSW, is a certified Practitioner of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy, and a member of the International Association of Clinical Neuroscience. Pieter is also the Founder and CEO of Totem Labs Pty Ltd, a specialist company that builds Virtual Reality solutions for the areas of health and performance.


colour polymorphism | peri bolton |brain, behaviour and evolution

Peri Bolton

Peri’s an ourdoorsy birdwatching nature-photographing nerd who’ll be our guide into the world of wild Gouldian Finches and the genetic incompatibility between head-colour morphs. 

Peri started out with the delusion of being an Archaeologist with an Arts/Science degree, but that didn’t last long! She soon switched to a full Bachelor of Science. She continued on to do an Honours dissertation with the Scott Keogh on the phylogenetics of a group of Australian burrowing snakes.


Be There. Be Square.

🙂 Miriam

Nerd Nite January: Tuesday 19

Poster_January_wbleed copy

Nerd Nite January is upon us! Let’s start the year in honour of how we all came to be – with a big hot bang. January Nerd Nite will leave you smarter than an immortal ant saving the world!

DRY T-SHIRT CONTEST OF 2016: The nerdiest T-shirt wearer wins their table a jug of beer!

January Speakers

Dr Margo Adler explains why it’s not only the good that die young – but the well-fed: ‘Is your New Year’s resolution shortening your life? The surprising science of diet and ageing’.

Entomologist Dr Tanya Latty gives us the low down on whether we’re smarter than ants with… ‘Ants versus engineers: who builds better highways?’

International Law Professor Tim Stephens explains whether the world leaders just solved climate change: ‘The meaning of the Paris climate conference in the Anthropocene’.


Best to buy online: December Nerds sold out the venue! We will save a few tickets for walk ins, so if you miss out, show up at 6pm on the Nite. Entry is $12 :

Have your tastebuds tickled from 6pm, have your neurons nuzzled from 7pm


Just try to top my nerd shirt – Miriam 🙂

Nerd Nite December: We’re back!

Important news for anyone with a face!

Buy your tickets here:




Nerdery! June 3 at the Arthouse Hotel – 7pm start

june 2015 nerd nite

Get your nerd on 6 May at the Arthouse Hotel!

may 2015

Nerd Nite 2015 starts back up on 4 March at Arthouse Hotel


Next Nerd Nite 6 November – incredible line-up!

november 2014

Thursday 6 November!

Next Nerd Nite Wed 2 July: Peace, Geeks, and the Physics of Art

Next Nerd Nite at the Attic Bar of the Arthouse Hotel on 4 June!

Please join us on Wednesday 4th of June for the first Nerd Nite at our fabulous new venue, the Attic Bar of the Arthouse Hotel at 275 Pitt St.

The fun will start around 7pm with three brain-tingling talks on caffeine, zombies, and rip currents:

Dr. Jane Franklin – “Fuelled by glucose, wired on caffeine”

Dr. Luke Hesson – “The Science Behind Zombies”


Dr Rob Brander – “Don’t get sucked in by the rip”

Admission is $10 at the door. For advance tickets, go to:

return of the nerds on 5 March 2014

Tickets are now available for March Nerdnite at:
*Come along for three mind-blowing talks: *
*Dr Dennis Stello will tell us about the music of the stars
*Shane Greenup will ponder the future of the internet
*Professor and inventor Veena Sahajwalla will describe her
revolutionary method of turning rubbish into steel
*Where: Café Lounge (277 Goulburn St, Surry Hills)
*When: Wed 5 March, 730 pm
*How much: $10 + bf through MoshTix or $10 at door