Hope everyone’s been reporting Ibis, sharing their cleavage knowledge, and making good use of their bubblegum flavoured condoms since last Nerd Nite. I know I have…

This month we’re rounding up the year with three more fantastic speakers to fill your brain with something other than incessant Christmas Carols. In December we’ll be talking selfies, weird dinosaurs, and discovering why being hormonal is not a thing.

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john pickrell  |  science writer  |  why are we finding more dinosaurs than ever before?

Fifty per cent of all known dinosaurs were discovered in the last decade. New finds are coming thick and fast from every corner of the globe. We’re in a golden age of discovery – and the fossils coming to light show dinosaurs were weirder, bigger, scarier and much more diverse than we ever imagined.

John Pickrell is an award winning science writer, amateur fossil sleuth, the author of Weird Dinosaurs and Flying Dinosaurs and the editor of Australian Geographic magazine.  Check out his newest nerdy venture here.


Josien_lab the great debate cheeky

josien de bie  |  neuroscience  |  being hormonal is not a thing

We’ve all heard about how hormones make women crazy, unstable and just unsuitable for anything except possibly knitting socks. But has anyone really investigated that? Josien has, and you’ll never guess what she found out…

When Josien found out that the job of Batman was already taken (by, you know, Batman) she threw herself into human behaviour and every aspect of it. Fascinated by the brain and everything that influences it, she studied everything from vole and  grad students to human brain cell culture. When not growing human brain cells in the lab (‘muhahah’) Josien hosts a Jazz open mike night in Kings Cross, plays the ukulele and occasionally lego Batman, because some ambitions never die. Check out her top notch nerdsite here.


TerriSenft1 TerriSenft Cat TerriSENFT-selfie

terri senft  |  global liberal studies  |  selfies and feminism: solidarity through global media practices

Visiting all the way from NYU, Terri Senft is a writer, academic, the founder of the Hey Girl Global Network and International Selfies Research Network, and most importantly; she recognises that the internet is for cats. Terri ‘s publications include Camgirls: Celebrity & Community in the Age of Social Networks; History of the Internet: A Chronology, 1843-Present and an issue of Women & Performance devoted to the theme “sexuality & cyberspace.”   Check our her website and adorable cats here.


WHEN: Tuesday 13th December. Doors open a little later than usual  from 7pm. The fun starts at 7:30pm.

WHERE: Friend In Hand Pub 58 Cowper Street, Glebe. They do a great $15 parmy special. Seating will be in rows so it’s probably easiest to get some grub downstairs before the show starts.

TICKETS: General entry is $12, buy tickets here, limited (but available) tiks on the door.


Be There. Be Square.

Merry December – Miriam xx

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