Three amazing talks:

1) “Humans and tsunamis don’t mix – the tale of the sea monster and other stories”

James Goff, UNSW Professor and co-director of the Australia-Pacific Tsunami Research Centre, looks at oral traditions and other things to reconstruct prehistoric tsunamis.


2) “Wet and Wild: sexing the lactating breast”

Fiona Giles, Senior Lecturer in Media & Communications at Sydney University, asks: Why is it so hard to look at, and talk about, breastfeeding? Fiona argues that breastfeeding is part of a continuity of female sexuality.


3)  “Zet is vot I meant, darlink: How accents box, betray and beguile us”

Alex Wasiel, comedian, lawyer, self-proclaimed raconteur and consummate dinner party guest, examines the impact accents and dialects have on our perception of a person.