Tuesday 5th June at Cafe Lounge in Surry Hills. Doors open at 7pm. No cover!


1) Jordi McKenzie, lecturer in the School of Economics at Sydney Uni, TASMANIAN, and without a doubt no film snob:  “Nobody knows anything? Applying pari-mutuel information aggregation mechanisms to the motion picture industry” (Can betting systems like the TAB be used to predict box office revenue? Jordi and his mates say, yes, they can.)

2) Tom Denson, social psychologist at the School of Psychology at UNSW, primarily socialized in LA, and believer that being a nerd is 95% nature and 5% Star Wars:
“How to avoid calling your grandmother a whore and other mean s&%t people do” (Starting from the basis that mean people suck, Tom will present data from his social psychology laboratory showing how we can improve self-control and reduce anger and aggression.)

3) Alice Fraser, comedian, writer, Cambridge-graduate, ex-lawyer, and chronic procrastinator currently living ‘the dream’ in Sydney: “The Language of Influence: Lies, damned lies and the colour red” (Why do we like some people, and distrust others? How can you be more trustworthy and charismatic? How can you tell if someone is lying to you? Alice will discuss some recent data on what influences influence, and explain how we can be more persuasive and attractive in every day life.) .